Samsung’s 'A Moon for All Mankind'



We’re really impressed with this latest offering from Samsung. A Moon for All Mankind showcases several of Samsung’s latest products and by places the consumer at the heart of a ‘cinematic adventure'.

The ‘immersive, consumer-focused 4D lunar gravity virtual reality experience' launched last week at Samsung 837 in New York, and offers consumers the chance to sample the sensation of walking on the moon thanks to a combination of its Galaxy S9+ handset, Gear VR headset, and a series of pulleys and harnesses.

The experience - free to the public and open until July 2019 - sees Samsung team up with the team at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, and in turn utilise the same techniques employed to train astronauts how to operate in low gravity environments.

A Moon for All Mankind is the latest iteration of the manufacturer’s #DoWhatYouCant campaign; one which has previously featured flying ostriches and blood-stirring motivational videos.

Accent London