Aberfeldy Street


In 2019, Poplar Harca and Eco World – who own the buildings that frame the street – commissioned High Street Works (Meanwhile Space’ and Jan Kattein Architects’ joint venture) to develop and implement a creative strategy to revive the high street. You can find out more about the development strategy here Jan Kattein Architects created and provided the designs. Celebrating the areas legacy of garment manufacture, a selection of patterns were collected from the local community and re-interpreted across the 26 buildings.

With the theme inspired by the Bangladeshi kantha tradition of recycling old textiles to create something new, we went to work alongside Accent London and Cuttle construction, the project used just over 800 litres of paint and over 300 spray cans, taking just under six weeks to complete painting.

Other projects

Accent London London Mural Company - Abe

We were also delighted to feature on the ITV news. Watch the video and read the article here. 


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